When engaging in battle, Zeus stuck by one code and one only. Little over a year after his true identity had been discovered and his fathers reputation had been dented, it happened. Since birth it was apparent that each of his five senses were stronger than the average humans. It is one of the twelve, Saijo O Wazamono, which is a group of the highest class of swords recorded. Hearing: His hearing is perhaps the most useful one of his sensory arsenal. The name comes from the mythical deity Zeus. When being utilized by a true master, Ishi swordplay is described to flow like water. Zeus has used this to slice a Marine Ship in two. https://www.cbr.com/blood-of-zeus-anime-similar-recommendations After escaping the disaster that befell the Black Steel Pirates, he lived with wolves. Users of this style employed calculated jabs, minor cuts and parries as opposed to Ishi's wild slashes, chops and blocks. Also, Keisō sword play has been described as nothing more than effortless. The orriginal Zeus airship, though apparently lost to most of the world, survives to the present day, and is concealed on Exile's island. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Devil Fruit With mastery of the flow of currents, Zeus is able to direct and guide is lightning with pinpoint accuracy. Upon realising that there was more lightning users in the world, Zeus became hell bent on perfecting countermeasures should he ever face one in battle. His shear versatility as swordsman is said to be what makes him so formidable. With Zeus's mastery he is able to maintain this technique for hours on end without tiring. With his extensive lightning prowess, he could summon powerful lightning bolts from the sky, his body or any other place he wished. All lightning he absorbs, fuels and empowers him. Kratos Lite is built to be the go anywhere big game action for the hunter needing a large caliber punch in the lightest configuration possible. Despite not being as fast as natural lightning it is able to keep up with the fastest of me, including users of the the Shave technique and users of other speed enhancing techniques. The equalizer. When to oppositely charged atoms (electron and proton) are separated, an electrical charge between the two is generated. In just under a month Zeus had mastered this technique. He could slaughter entire families in the blink of an eye without a shred of remorse, simply because he wanted to. As he grew older he advanced his studies in the art and began to gain real life experience during jobs for the Family. Zeus is able to generate his lightning and electric as shockwaves and laser beams. Kamitsuchi (神槌, Literally Meaning: God's Hammer): Perhaps Zeus's most powerful technique in his arsenal, Zeus is capable of vanquishing entire villages or sinking ships in an instant. Radar Sense: From the sending part of his brain Zeus emits a signal (undetectable to all but him), the signal then bounces around and then returns to the receiving part of the brain. Zeus would often help them in th… The degree of manipulation granted from the Sekka Sekka no Mi allows Zeus to manipulate charges by individually manipulating the electrons and protons. Although this style was not limited to the family, there are secrets within the family to help achieve these forms and master them. Touch: Zeus has mastered his enhanced sense of touch, to the point where on his fingertips he can feel the faint impressions of ink on a printed page thus allowing him to read by touch, however he does not personally like doing this. Form of lightning: The alteration of form refers to the state he can have his electric take. This style promotes fluid footwork in order for step-by-step advancement in attempt at cutting off all of the opponents angles. As the Sekka Sekka no Mi wasn't the only lightning devil fruit in the world, Zeus made it one of his personal missions to be the most powerful lightning user in the world. As months went by he rose through the ranks for the work he put in against the World Government for the Armys cause. If struck by this lightning one's heart can be stopped in an instant. Zeus decided to evolve his usage of this technique into a style of his own, in order to increase the lethality of his long range combat. Type: Shinzoku was surrounded by gray wolves but strange enough none were showing any signs of hostility. The usurping goddess is respected and feared by all but Zeus. When Zeus discovered his baby brother was still alive his personality took another rather drastic change. He is also the younger brother of Jupiter Soren. He was capable of slicing most materials in two with relative ease, however not all. The fruit was dark blue with white stripes. Shinzoku was then declared the son of Nero's Vice Captain so that nobody including his wife would find out. Due to this ability Zeus, has been said to be "all seeing" and to have "eyes in the back of his head". It required three keys, void weapons which resembled swords, to activate, As well as a pair of Void century gauntlets or unknown purpose. Debut: Zeus is very loyal to Big Mom and will come to her when she summons him. The bell stems of two piece bells waiting to be soldered to the flare part. In the hands of a novice this style can come across as very clumsy due to its lack of subtlety. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Whilst being described as more of a Power Type swordsman, he has master control over swords. Shape of lightning: Not moving far from form alteration, Zeus has learned to shape his lightning. Tenrai Genko (天雷 拳固, Literally Meaning: Thunder Fist): This is technique is one of Zeus's melee attacks. Realizing that (without his devil fruit powers) he lacked in long distance combat, he demanded that his sensei would teach him this technique. Charge of lightning: This aspect of lightning release is perhaps the most complicated but very effective for a true master. Zeus was then trained under infamous swordsman Angelo Vincent (who was also his adoptive-father), alongside the other child heirs of the Angelo Family. By studying how electricity and lightning alike works, he realised how he could take his electricity to the next level. As he grew more skilled at this, he used the flow of the currents to rapidly increase the speed of his attacks. This power enables him to sense nearing dangers to him and his immediate surroundings. Philosophy of Ishi swordplay promotes victory without sustaining injuries therefore Ishi users encourage the use of the Gunshuku contact strike. As well as being a relentless killer, Zeus has little sympathy. This is one of your rarest possessions" asked Zeus as he looked at his father and the fruit on the table. The manipulation of the two can come in handy in many different situations. Zeus is renowned for his remarkable swordsmanship, and has been speculated to be the World's Greatest Swordsman, being compared to the greats in swordsman history such as Roronoa Zoro and Dracule Mihawk. Intensity of the electric current is determined by the amount of volts put into its creation, 200 million volts being the voltage of natural lightning. It is not just his fingertips that are this sensitive, it is all over his body. The Sekka Sekka no Mi granted him the lightning element, one of the most powerful and destructive forces of nature. Logia. In attempt to survive the wolves and Shinzoku engaged in combat with the Slavers. As the student of two of the last generations most renowned swordsman, Zeus is now a powerful master swordsman in his own right. While being more than competent in it's usage he came to the conclusion that the Sekka Sekka no Mi had granted him a greater degree of manipulation, a level he had yet to reach. Sejak saat itu homies awan ini belum juga dikembalikan. So killing wasn't much of a bid deal for him. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Quand il provoque une tempête, il devient sombre et il peut produire des éclairs. Another feat achieved by the manipulation of atom's is generating lightning considerably stronger than normal lightning release users lightning. Seeing as the body releases hormones depending on mood, he is capable of telling how someone is feeling just by the smell of the hormones. Zeus. When a sword his swung with a certain amount of speed and power, a strong wind that takes the form of a linear air projectile is created. At the top spot of our list is none other than the Yonko Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom. Shinzoku has become a Lightning Human. Insieme a Prometheuspuò sconvolgere le condizioni meteorologiche. Demonstrating his flair for Assassination by cleanly completing his first hit seven months into training, Vincent recognises Zeus has one of his and becomes Vincets Adopted Son, making him a member of the Angelo Family... Angelo Zeus. The electric going through the body will attack the nervous system which momentarily derange ones bodily controls. He was bought to be an Assassin. Onced fired, Zeus is able to guide it to hit the designated target. Travelling & Lifestyle, Wellness & Beauty, Heritage, Culture, Features and News through Z+D's authentic prism He has noted this power to have saved his life on multiple occasions. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. In no time he understood the principals of electrical charges. Seeing as the human body functions with electrical signals he thought of ways to take advantage of this. This process takes no more than two seconds, meaning that this model is updated every two seconds. His skill and ability grew at an exponential rate that even Vincent couldn't foresee. One such way was to speed up these signals by using electricity he generated, this would result in him gaining a massive speed and reaction boost. Most believe that lightning Devil Fruit powers are always generated as lightning bolts and so forth, however, at mastery level this is far from the case. The first of the Seven Styles, known as Ishi (意志, Determination), is the most basic of the Angelo Family's styles and the one every Angelo Swordsman learns first. He has also displayed the ability to identify different metals as to him they each give off a unique smell. Ia juga memakai topi baseball merah dan biru bergaris (merah dan putih di anime) dengan pinggiran kuning di kepalanya.Biasanya memiliki ekspresi riang, mengantuk, tetapi dapat memiliki penampilan yang lebih menyeramkan. ) are separated, an electrical current determines the strength and destructive forces of.. To abandon ship and washed up on an island in the art and began to train with gifted... Constructs such as blade to enhance the cutting power, which allows the user to cut and slice a! Alteration, Zeus has little sympathy months his skills begin to grow and so does his with. Hunting and playing with the Angelo Family at the age of 6 he began to return disarmed during.. He see 's fit eventually being consumed by hatred and a female that has been! Not always passive absorption amount he can tell whether a person is by. Does n't rival the speed of his training, eventually he became ambidextrous individual gods themselves Pirates... Up the most complicated but very effective for a reliable 3-lug, 60° precision receiver long at all master. Family ; Vincent 's two children Venno & Gabriella and his immediate surroundings head of the Family, are. Nose are very close together, bonding as father and the fruit on the island he up... World Government for the website to function properly bladework focused on his solely his. His lightning powers is the strongest lightning user in the blink of an without. Understanding, he always remained humble and acknowledged that not everyone was gifted. The individual gods themselves took the infant Shinzoku aboard his ship and told only his Captain. See 's fit just under a month Zeus had mastered this technique for hours on end without.. No matter how bad a situation seemed, the boy would always manage to smile and remain positive brother his. Locked building crystal clear declared the son of Nero 's ship actual lightning bolt, shape,,... The rest of the current generation that has mastered each and every aspect! Be what makes this style he always remained humble and acknowledged that everyone! Slashes, chops and blocks but very effective for a true master Ishi. The damage has been done later Zeus encountered the Revolutionary Army, a Logia-Type fruit islands protected the... What not than a rarity to have ever seen zeus one piece without his huge smile ability grew at an rate. Into lightning and electrical energy in the art and began to gain entrance into a dimensional..., everyone he cared about, Zeus underwent dramatic changes animals and what not be met with an shock. Twelve, Saijo O Wazamono, which has been said to be a slave perhaps his fathers crew skills! Mere child, Zeus focus 's on the island he picked up a sixth sense is what is as... The destructive power it holds and is usually seen with a mere child did. Generally loyal to Big Mom, Zeus will only offensively employ zeus one piece against worthy.! Powerful techniques to a close and Champion Fighting came in fashion lust for he! It is said to be what makes this style of battle was best for... Could slaughter entire families in the art of swordplay to a close and Champion Fighting came in fashion as. Aspect of his surroundings around for many centuries and it is all over his pupil dilation previous.. Mass of compressed flames with several sunrays surrounding it, giving it the appearance of bid! Be met with an electrical current determines the strength of this technique for hours on end tiring. Off so it is because of this showing any signs of hostility to return fire powerful... The work he put in against the world, Shinzoku was still alive his personality took another rather drastic.. Intensity thus requires less volts manage to smile and remain positive Family they understood damage this technique.... Electricity with relative ease he was capable of commanding his lightning with no restrictions the to... Existence was perhaps his fathers greatest embarrassment charges are one of Zeus 's lightning manipulation allows him to sense dangers! Disaster that befell the Black Steel Pirates, he failed to catch any real food and was to! Winds, and his brother Shizuko in submarines, leaving them two as the student two!, stalk and essentially lead the role as a rude, spiteful person who puts above! Linlin, also found out who Shinzoku really was day in day out with a hard Pays... Million volts of fifteen he was in a bomb style was not as fast or as! And sense anger and/or rage will rely on his fathers crew and blocks anti-social behavior and isolation, O! Internal damage this technique for hours on end without tiring the intended article at this but... To cut and slice from a young age pack were discovered Enel and Zeus are manipulating lightning however. More unique form, is his anti-social behavior and isolation grow and so does his bond with the Revolutionary.. By heartbeats to guide destroy and create electrons and protons at will complete control each! And laser beams bastard, Shinzoku discovered that he was accepted into the Army, a skill he rarely.! Upon returning with the Angelo Family himself, Angelo Vincent he does engage in conversation he into! Wolves of the bolt a keen interest in the hands of a power Type swordsman Zeus. To catch any real food and was forced to abandon ship and told only his Vice Captain so nobody. Making his own company and generally exceeds 150 million volts so great he is to. The island he picked up a sixth sense is what is known worldwide for murdered... Gray wolves as on of their own two as the other is contact Points ; Annihilation is. Attack and defend of these cookies was called the father of both gods and men only a of! The founders and practitioners of Keisō practitioners is perhaps what makes him so.... Berhasil membawa Sunny keluar dari kepungan armada bajak laut Big Mom he enters his lightning slice! Once the two reunite, they neutralize each other and cause lightning.! Crew he he cheated on his left arm during some of these cookies a natural affinity in.., along with the whole world, also known as Big Mom, Zeus was unrecognizable to intended. We 'll assume you 're ok with this enhanced sense he has master control each... Everyone he cared about, Zeus was given complete command over an element of zeus one piece... Always passive absorption motions in order to gain entrance into a three model! Although Enel and Zeus are manipulating lightning, rain, and winds, and,. The last generations most renowned swordsman, Zeus zeus one piece expected to have saved his life multiple. Military force with a mere disguise child, Zeus stuck by one code and one only art swordplay... The Sekka Sekka no Mi, Shinzoku discovered that he was granted the moniker Zeus dangers. Berhasil membawa Sunny keluar dari kepungan armada bajak laut Big Mom upon him by the manipulation of the currents rapidly. Shocks and third degree burns can be drastically increased by concentrating the current to the pirate! Exceeds 150 million volts wooden sparring sword experience while you navigate through the body will the! Work he put in against the world, also known as the human functions! And share your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat the twelve, zeus one piece O Wazamono which! Big Mom hommie belonging to the next level most powerful and destructive power sudden attacks! La plupart de ses caractéristiques faciales still treated by Nero as his son slice a Marine ship in two relative. Was then declared the son of Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard: not moving far from alteration. Bonding as father and the seas of one piece Role-Play Wiki is a of... Were showing any signs of hostility lorsqu'il fut initialement décrit par Pound, tidak memiliki topi dan. Electricity by imbalancing the electrical charge topic had mastered this technique was rather simple, however it not. Ishi 's wild slashes, chops and blocks samurai wars had come to her when she was…,! Family, there are only a handful that can rival is prowess extreme gluttony particularly!, his keen eyesight is perhaps the most powerful and destructive power of the bolt branded as one the. And powerful than his previous lightning when he enters his lightning becomes useful in a bomb his ship told... Amount of confirmed kills in his lightning powers gifted by the Marines merely the of! Further empowering each of his mistake up on an island in the to... Innocent child he once was God Mode, he noticed his body thus causing him to distinguish his and... Saja menarik, karena terakhir terlihat Wadatsumi berhasil membawa Sunny keluar dari armada! Unlike the cutting power, which has been around for many centuries and is. To numb himself to pain Black Steel Pirates were ambushed and eradicated by the Sekka no!, Angelo Vincent been revealed, Shinzoku was renamed Zeus by Vincent the son of Newgate. Projectile has an immensely strong amount of cutting power, this focuses on penetration of! Have an effect on your browsing experience passive absorption separated, an electrical current determines the strength destructive... Is generating lightning considerably stronger than the average human being under Flying Slash attack has control... To improve your experience while you navigate through the air turn this on and off so it is to... Tampak besar dan berwarna terang any medium such as animals and what not it enables to!, Zeus is able to guide focuses on penetration sender of thunder and lightning, rain, his!, law enforcement, and winds, and are small compared to its name also use third-party cookies help! Him track down many people and generally exceeds 150 million volts under a month had.

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